Retreat yourself in nature

Taking time for meditation, rest, and retreat is "an act of self-love."

The effects of a vacation often diminish quickly. A retreat brings about profound change. Silence, meditation, breathwork, and cold training are powerful elements that help you to find peace. From this inner tranquility, there is room to observe life and gain insights that make you calmer and happier. By practicing mindful presence, you can better understand how your mind works and create ways to change your stress patterns. You will also learn to handle emotions and life’s challenges, and how to live life in a light and joyful way.

Surrounded by nature

Live Mindfully’s retreats take place in a quiet green valley in the middle of the Spanish countryside. Kausay Community is located in the foothills of the Sierra Enguera, about an hour south of Valencia. Kausay is a small eco-community where life close to nature is central. As a retreat participant, you sleep and meditate in a traditional Mongolian yurt, a beautiful experience separate from luxury and bustle.

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We welcome you to one of our retreats. Click on the links below to learn more about the Hiking retreat, Breath and ice retreat, Wild nature hiking retreat, and the Silent retreat.