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Holistic massage

An Ayurvedic massage is rhythmic and fluid, and focuses on balancing the body and mind. The entire body is massaged using essential oils, prompting deep relaxation. Ayurvedic massage relaxes muscles, makes connective tissues supple, and improves blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps cleanse the body and mind. Additionally, the massage affects energy channels, chakras, and meridians, resulting in a deep impact on the energy system. Through massage of specific pressure points, or marma points, energy blocks are released, allowing vital energy to flow better. An Ayurvedic massage is also an effective treatment for releasing emotional blockages. The deep relaxation and flow of vital energy can enhance the body’s natural healing ability.

The perspective of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda literally means "knowledge of life" and is an ancient wisdom from India that looks at the human being and life in a holistic way. Ayurveda distinguishes three basic types, doshas: pitta, vata, and kapha. Vata (air) is the power of movement and is strongly connected with the functioning of the circulation, respiration, and nervous system. Pitta (fire) is the power of transformation and is related to the processes of digestion and body temperature. Kapha (earth and water) is the power of structure and stability and has a strong relationship with the immune system and body weight. The Ayurvedic massage contributes to the good balance between these three. Thus, a calm, flowing massage can be healing for a fiery pitta type, while for a kapha type, an activating, powerful massage may be more appropriate.

The Ayurvedic massage lasts 90 minutes and treats the entire body.

"Massage tailored to you"

Before the massage, a short conversation takes place where I would like to hear how you are doing and if there is anything you would like to release. I also determine which massage approach and oil suits you based on your dosha. I work exclusively with a natural base oil, sesame, coconut or almond, to which high-quality essential oils are added that match what you need at that moment.

Practical info

The cost for a pre- and post-conversation and the 90-minute massage is 90 euros. Please contact me via WhatsApp to make an appointment.
+31 683826145

Ayurvedische masage
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