17 - 21 December 2023

Wild nature hiking retreat

A hiking retreat in which breathwork, meditation, silent walking
and wild nature playfully work together.

A unique hiking experience

An experience that brings you back to simplicity and the power of nature. Walking silently under the warm winter’s sun and waking up to brisk mornings after sleeping under the starry sky.  The exposure to the elements will invite a deep connection to nature around, coming back to the realization that you are part of it.

"We will walk through beautiful mountain forests and swimm in natural springs and rivers."

Immerse yourself in nature

The first night we spend at Kausay community where you will sleep in a cosy yurt. The other nights we will sleep in a small tent in nature. Our 3-day hike will bring us to the Rio fraile, a cold river in the most stunning surroundings of the Sierra Enguera. We will travel light, tents and sleeping gear will be transported by car. Healthy, nutritious food will be arranged. The days start with a meditation or a breath work session. After breakfast and packing up camp we will start our hike. Walking will mostly be done in silence allowing a meditative state of mindful presence. We will have breaks for lunch, swimming/ cold dips  and meditation on the way. When we reach camp a lovely dinner will be served. In the evenings there will be sharing circles, breath work or an evening swimm, and of course as much stargazing as you like.


Deep insights

Meditation includes everything, there is not one aspect of your being, of your experience that shouldn’t be there, that we should avoid or try to fix. Meditation welcomes all aspects  with curiosity so we can really get to know ourselves, our bodies, the workings of our minds. See our relationship and reactions towards the outer world, our likes and dislikes. We can look deeply into the states of our mind and see how this state influences strongly how we feel, how we view life, how we view our possibilities or limitations our strength and creativity or our weakness and powerlessness

"Purpose of Walking is not to arrive somewhere but to go inward, arrive within your being. "

Silent walking

Yatra meditation has its own unique taste due to its own unique form. It is different from sitting meditation where we focus on the breath. It is not like regular walking meditation in which we concentrate on each step we take.Walking in silence allows us to be present in a very open way, fluctuating between mindful presence in the moment, feeling the body and the elements around. Wind on your skin, the sound of a bird. And noticing the wandering mind that can go to memories, daydreams, creative ideas. The silence and the rythm of walking give space for things to surface that may be of importance to you. You can  allow yourself to contemplate and come to important insights and realizations. Walking silently in nature has a strong healing power!


Combine with Wim Hof Method weekend retreat.

This retreat can stand on its own, but it can also be a beautiful continuation of the Wim Hoff Method retreat taking place at Kausay from 15 Till 17 December.In this weekend you will learn about the Wim Hoff Method which consists of cold exposure, breath work and mindset. There will be ice baths, breath sessions and  in-depth explanations on how these practices can benefit your physical and mental health tremendously.

Become stronger & healthier

Both retreats allow you to push your limits, face your boundaries and work on your mindset to become a stronger and healthier version of yourself.Getting to know and understand your being and learn how you can influence your own well-being mentally and physically is one of the greatest benefits these retreats have to offer.


Practical information

Who can join?

Anyone who is in good condition and able to walk for about 5 hours a day in a mountainous area is welcome to join. Of course you are interested in self development, and want to experience being in nature in a simple way.


17-22 December 2023

Costs Hiking Retreat

The costs for this hiking retreat are 450,- euro including transport, full program,  healthy meals, 1 night at Kausay in a shared yurt and 3 nights in a tent under the stars.

Travel info

We arrange a free pickup at Xativa train station on the first day at 17.00 o’clock.
If you are traveling from abroad, you will want to fly into Valencia or Alicante. From there you travel by public transport Xativa city, which will take around 2 hours from Valencia and 3 from Alicante. After registration you will receive clear directions. . If you are driving, please let us know and directions will be provided. We can arrange an airport pick up for you for additional costs.


Full program


Arival at Kausay at 17.30Welcome talkDinnerRound of introductionBreath work sessionA night in a cosy Mongolian yurt that you will share with others.


Gentle yoga sessionHealthy breakfastMorning walk in silenceLunch and rest at La Casa del VientoAfternoon walkSet up campPicknick dinnerSharing circleBreath work


Guided meditationHealthy breakfastMorning walk in silence with a cold swimPicknick lunchAfternoon walk in silenceSet up campDinnerSharing circleBreath work


Breath workHealthy breakfastMorning walk in silencePicknick lunchWalk to last camp near Rio FraileCold swimSet up campDinnerEvening walk (with cold swim)Sharing circle


Breath workHealthy breakfastMorning walk in silencePicknick lunchWalk to last camp near Rio FraileCold swimSet up campDinnerEvening walk (with cold swim)Sharing circle

“After registration, you will receive a confirmation and more practical information about what to bring and how to travel to the pick-up location.”

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